Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Strawberry Margaritas

For those of you who say you do not like Margaritas - you've never had one of mine!! Well....actually got this recipe from my friend Tommy Arboneaux so really it's his recipe. :)

The cast of characters that are a MUST! Tequila, Triple Sec, frozen strawberries, & frozen limeade.

If you want to use a different brand of Tequila by all means go ahead. We always buy Jose Cuervo so that's what I use.

I have a little side tip for you. When you buy fresh strawberries and they are starting to go bad; wash and hull them & put them in the freezer. Frozen strawberries help keep the margaritas slushy whereas fresh ones make them a bit watery.

Oh, and by the way, you also need a blender!

I very rarely measure the amounts but I tried to this time as I knew I'd be putting this recipe up. Here's what I did:

Pour in blender:
6 ounces of tequila
2 ounces of triple sec
6 ounces of frozen limeade (half of a 12 oz can)
handful of strawberries
fill the rest of the blender with ice

Blend until smooth - about 45 seconds - depending on your blender.

These turned out good, but were a little strong and not quite as slushy as I like. I was also using someone else's blender so it might have been that I couldn't fit as much ice in as I normally do. Play around with the alcohol amounts until you have them at the strength you like.

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