Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chile Con Queso

Jordan and I went to a friends house on Saturday for an appetizer party. Everyone was supposed to pick a country in honor of the Olympics. Isn't that a neat idea? We picked Mexico and I'm posting the three recipes we brought. The pictures are not the greatest as I was hurrying through some of them. Sorry! Give the recipes a try though - they were all great and were well received by everyone at the party!

I saw this recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks and thought it looked scrumptious!

Her photos are much better than mine so if you want to see nice photos go check hers out!

Hot breakfast sausage
Jalapenos (I used 1, but the recipe could have had more heat)
1 onion, diced
Velveeta cheese, cubed
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies
1 can chopped green chilies


Place onion and sausage in a skillet. Stir together and until the sausage is fully cooked.

Push sausage to one side and drain the grease.

I used a slotted spoon and transferred the meat to a crock pot.

Place the cubed cheese, diced tomatoes & green chilies on top of the cooked sausage & onion mixture. You can just drain the sausage and continue to cook the queso in the pan on the stove. I was pressed for time and needed to use the crock pot.

Once the cheese has melted toss in your chopped jalapeno(s). Stir and serve warm with tortilla chips.

I was happy with the end results except my crock pot gets too hot and sort of burned the cheese. You can see from the photo below the color is a bit brown and it's not very "cheesy". It tasted fine but I think it would have been much better if I had not cooked it as long as I did.

See how Pioneer Woman's is very light in color and creamy?

I would recommend using the crockpot but the cheese really only needed to be in there for probably 2 hours before it was all melted. Mine was in there for much longer than that as I had to go to work and couldn't check on it. So keep that in mind if you try this recipe.

It still went over well at the party. I even had people requesting the recipe - so give this a try at your next party!

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Jamie said...

That looks really delicious and I have never noticed this recipe on PW's site! This will be great for football season. Thanks for posting!