Thursday, April 18, 2013

Move Your Feet

I've started something new.  I am taking 30 minutes every day to move my feet.  Yes, I mean exercise  Today was my first day.  I ran in my neighborhood for a little over 30 minutes.  It felt marvelous.  Marvelous to be outside.  Marvelous to explore my new neighborhood.  Marvelous to listen to music on my ipod.  Marvelous to do something healthy for my body.

I'd like to do a challenge with you.  All of you.  Any of you.  :)  For 6 weeks I am going to move my feet for 30 minutes everyday.  That's right, EVERY DAY.    30 minutes is really nothing.  It's a t.v. show.  It's time on the internet.  I want to measure how my body (and yours) responds to 30 minutes of exercise everyday for 6 weeks.  I am happy with my current weight and my clothing size.  Those numbers don't mean anything to me.  But, I haven't exercised regularly in over 4 years.  I have an overactive thyroid so gaining weight will never be a problem for me, until it burns itself out anyway.  :)  But even with eating healthy and having an over active thyroid I still look 3-4 months pregnant.  So that tells me that eating healthy on it's own is not enough.  We've got to move our feet.

We all know exercise is important for our health.  Not just about loosing weight or being thin but to keep our cells, organs, muscles, skin etc healthy.  Our bodies are machine's and need to be taken care of like one.  I would never not take my car to get it's oil changed for 4 years but for some reason I have done that to the most important machine I have.

So.  Here is my challenge to you.  For 6 weeks move your feet for 30 minutes everyday.  I don't care how you do it.  Use a work out dvd at home.  Go to the gym.  Power walk outside.  Run.  First thing in the morning.  After you take your kids to school.  On your lunch break.  Before dinner.  After dinner.     Weigh yourself before you start.  Measure yourself.  Send me photos.  Whatever method you want to track your progress.  I will do the same.  You can post in the comments section on here how many pounds or inches you have lost each week.  Or email them to me if you are not comfortable posting on here.  

I know you are busy.  I am busy too.  That has been my excuse for the past 4 years.  But half the battle is getting started.  Let's start this together and maybe knowing we are not alone will keep us committed to ourselves and each other.

Will you move your feet with me?


Fawn said...

Excellent idea. You can count on me!!!!!

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