Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Freezer Items

I wanted to write a quick post about freezing food. When I was pregnant last year I got into freezing our left overs so after the baby was born I could just pull out a frozen homemade meal to warm up if I needed to. Let me tell you how wonderful this concept is. First thing is that my husband does not really like left overs - freezing our left overs is a great way to solve this problem. Secondly, there are plenty of times during the week when I just don't know what to make for dinner or I am too tired to cook. I can pull something out of the freezer for dinner and my husband can't tell the difference!

I've gone back through all of my posts and have marked them as "Good Freezer Items" if I freeze those recipes.

The best way to freeze your left overs is to put them into a gallon sized freezer bag. Lay the bag flat to get all the air out and to flatten the food so it freezes flat - not large and bulky. This way you will have more room in your freezer. Label what you are freezing and put the date on it. We use our frozen foods within 3 months.

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