Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Having a restricted diet can be challenging and sometimes quite depressing.  Especially with social media and all the yummy videos of food that I can never have!  :)  I saw this video about a month ago and it looked so good, I had to experiment and see if I could make it dairy/gluten free.

Here is the link to the original recipe that a friend posted on Facebook.

I love chocolate and I love peanut butter so I had to find a way to make this work!

Here's what I did.

1.5 cups confectioners suger, sifted
1.5 cups gluten/dairy free graham cracker crumbs (I used Kinnikinnick brand)
1 cup creamy peanut butter (I used some crunchy as I ran out of creamy)
8 tablespoons Earth Balance vegan "butter"
1 cup coconut cream
8 ounces dairy free chocolate chips (I use enjoy life)
1 tsp flaky sea salt (I wouldn't add this next time)


Coat the bottom and sides of an 8x8 baking dish with nonstick spray, I use coconut oil.  In a large bowl, stir to combine the sugar, graham cracker crumbs and peanut butter and melted butter.  Press mixture into the baking dish and set aside.

Place chocolate and cream in a small saucepan.  Stir over medium heat until the chocolate has melted and is smooth.  Pour the melted chocolate over the peanut butter mixture and refrigerate until the chocolate is cooled and set, at least 45 minutes.  Sprinkle evenly with flaky sea salt.  Cut into squares and serve.

I felt the original recipe was too salty.  This version removes some of the salt.  I would taste a square with the flaky salt first before adding to all of them.

So happy with how this turned out!  Such a yummy and rich treat that I didn't have to turn the oven on for.  It kept well for over a week in the fridge.  Will definitely be making this one again soon!


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